All clients are required to fill out a brief medical intake form. The information gathered allows the therapist to adjust their techniques or avoid any areas all together so no harm is done.

The client is left alone in the treatment room to dress down to their comfort level and situate themselves comfortably on the massage table in between the sheets.

Only the part of the body being worked on will be undraped. Let your therapist know if the pressure is uncomfortable, they are happy to adjust. When the session is over, the client is left alone to re-dress in private.

Remember you may be a little disoriented after the massage so get up slowly, stretch, and drink plenty of water the day of and the day after your session.


  • Do not eat right before a session
  • Arrive 10 min early for the first session
  • Remove contact lenses and any jewelry that may interrupt the flow of the massage
  • Turn of phone
  • Drink plenty of water the day of and the day after your massage session

Some clients experience immediate benefits after one session. Others gradually feel the benefits throughout a treatment plan. Book today and start enjoying the many benefits massage therapy has to offer.