Customized BodyWork & Massage Sessions

Sessions are designed specifically for you based on

medical history, current health conditions, and wellness goals.

Classic Swedish/Relaxation

60min ~ $60.00       90min ~ $90.00        2hr ~ $120.00

Oldest and most popular massage modality known for it's proven ability to help the body enter the parasympathetic system where the body natural healing processes are amplified. This helps create new neuropathways which may have a short or long term effect depending on the frequency of sessions.

All massage strokes are preformed in a rhythmic flow toward the heart that encourage detoxing and healing processes. Blood oxygen intake and the delivery of nutrients to surrounding tissues are increased naturally.

Research shows an increase in oxytocin (the happy hormone) and a decrease in adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), nitric oxide, and beta-endorphin levels after 15 min of Swedish massage.

Deep Tissue

60min ~ $70.00       90min ~ $100.00        2hr ~ $130.00

Customized deep tissue session uses multiple techniques to accomplish the sessions goal. Common techniques like Myofascial Release, Medical Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Active/Isolated Stretching are used to help reduce chronic muscle tension and fascia restrictions, to increase flexibility and decrease mental stress and physical pain levels.

Cupping Therapy

30min ~ $50.00        1hr ~ 80.00        90min ~ $110.00   

Lifts and separates tissue, allowing the body to release, absorb and rid itself of stagnation, toxins and congestion. Bringing new oxygen, nutrient rich blood to the area.

~ Reduces swelling and inflammation

~ Decreases muscle tension and tightness in less time with less pain than regular deep tissue

~ Helps recover from injury and surgery faster

~ Breaks apart adhesion's and reduces the appearance of scar tissue

~ Improves metabolism and relieves constipation for a stronger digestive system

~ Detoxes the body of impurities it was unable to process and eliminate on it's own

~ Relieves joint pain

~ Helps improve breathing

~ Promotes overall relaxation and wellbeing

Cupping creates raised redness and other discoloring or bruise-like marks (but Not bruises). The darker the marks the more stagnant/congestion (toxins, blood and lymph) were dredged up during the session. Usually lasts a few hours to several days. The more you receive cupping the lighter the marks become.

Thai Massage

1hr ~ $80.00         90min ~ $110.00          2hr ~ 140.00

Clients stay fully clothed and should wear comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement. The session is a full body service of rhythmic flow of (light, med to firm) compressions, guided deep breathing techniques, and stretching for BodyMind alignment. Thai massage opens the body's energy pathways, releases physical and emotional tension for increase flexibility, clarity, and energy.    

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What our customers are saying

FYI I just saw my chiro and my back moved much better. I told him about your cupping and your therapy. He was impressed and took your name for patient referrals!

Current  Massage Fit Life client