Good healthcare starts with good selfcare!

Body ~ Mind ~ Soul

Customized massage therapy/bodywork sessions based on health history, current conditions and wellness goals. 

Customized therapeutic self-care coaching programs to help clear life's distractions and stay proactive in your wellness goals. Enjoy a life with more clarity, contentment, selflove and joy as you learn to live each day with intention and purpose. 

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 Featured Services 

Cupping/Vacuum Therapy ~

Lifts and separates superficial and deep tissue allowing the body to help eliminate toxins, clear stagnation, and congestion 


30 min ~ $50

1 hour ~ $80

  90 min ~ $110

~  Hot Stone Therapy ~

Brings oxygen, nutrient rich blood to the area of concern. Hot stone therapy may be used for deep relaxation or deep tissue bodywork. 


90 min ~ $120

 2 hour ~ $140

Providing Chair/Table Massage for your next corporate/personal event, retreat or celebration.

With it's many benefits massage leaves a lasting impression! Client's stay fully clothed while receiving 10-30 min massage on scalp, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands with stretches. This helps reduce pain levels and increase joint mobility to stress less & stay productive.

We provide everything needed, just point us where you want us.

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Manage stress and pain for a healthier, happier life!

Research continues to provide evidence of the positive benefits massage therapy has on the body physically and psychologically.

Massage Fit Life provides customized massage sessions and packages at competitive prices to help our community experience life's journey with less pain/stress and more productivity. 

Massage Fit Life

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A Few Safety Precautions

 All guest/clients are required to wear a mask into the building and sanitize upon entering the building. All surfaces and common areas are sanitized between each session. Thank you for your cooperation to keep our facility as safe as possible. 

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