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90-Day Lifestyle Transformation Program 

The 90-day Lifestyle Transformation program is designed to provide  the accountability, support and resources aimed at helping clients clear life's distractions and create new habits so they may thrive in a healthier, happier lifestyle. Massage sessions and action plans are revised as we work through the program. Typically bi-weekly and always based on an updated intake. 

Begins with an intake process covering medical history, current

health conditions, concerns, and wellness goals. I am fully prepared and more than happy to contact clients wellness team if requested for an "All hands on-deck" approach.


~ (6 hrs total) Massage therapy/Bodywork sessions based on intake.

~ (6, 30 min) Therapeutic Self-care coaching sessions (via zoom or in person) to guide the client through the use of therapeutic self-care techniques including but not limited to, DIY massage, mobility techniques, essential oils, breathwork, plus suggestive fitness/stretching.

~ Extra resources and referrals as need. 

~ Therapeutic self-care tool kit


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